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By Evan Wade / July 31, 2014

We may not have flying cars or teleportation just yet, but digital assistants were sent from the future to make our lives more awesome.

By Brian S Hall / July 29, 2014

Physical branches, checkbooks and deposit slips will soon be transformed, and it's all thanks to the emerging tech of mobile banking.

By Jeremy Hintz / July 25, 2014

Whether you're recording your sickest trick or measuring how many times you spin, wearables for extreme sports are a must have for extreme athletes.

By Mobile Minute / July 24, 2014

Apple has CarPlay, Google has Android Auto, and Microsoft has Windows in the Car, but which of these connected cars is closest to the assembly line?

By Evan Wade / July 23, 2014

Once upon a time, people shared their lives through written and spoken words. Now, it's all about visual storytelling.

By Chelsea McCullough / July 21, 2014

As HIPAA and the FDA reinforce their fortress of regulations, how will Google and Apple scale the barriers and bring MedTech into the future?

By Becky White / July 18, 2014

UX expert Becky White explains the whats, whys, whens and hows of user research.

By Brian S Hall / July 16, 2014

Automotive wearables are the answer to better drivers, safer roads and less fiddling with your phone during your daily commute.

By Dan Murrell / July 14, 2014

If a sense of direction isn't your strong suit, Apple and proximity devices have you covered.

By Mark Killian / July 11, 2014

From thermoelectricity to a concussion-detecting beanie, this year's Wearable Technologies Conference did not disappoint.

By Mobile Minute / July 10, 2014

Thanks to the unified Google framework, all Android Wear smartwatches can perform commands, reminders, check texts, and more.

By Evan Wade / July 9, 2014

Android Wear has only been on the market for less than a month, but that hasn't stopped the reviews from pouring in. Here's what they're saying.

By Mark Killian / July 7, 2014

With Project Volta, RunTime, and Material Design, Android L is already garnering plenty of praise and speculation—even if we don't know what to call it.

By Jeremy Hintz / July 2, 2014

The two big operating systems are battling it out for the best fitness platform with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

By Sandra Zaragoza / June 30, 2014

Teachers and administrators are scrambling to make sure students are using EdTech for good rather than evil.

By Evan Wade / June 27, 2014

Another Google I/O is in the books, and there are plenty of goodies for developers and users to get excited for.

By Mobile Minute / June 26, 2014

There's no escaping the impact of connected tech on this year's World Cup.

By Mark Killian / June 25, 2014

With WWDC in our rear views, it's time for bloggers and media outlets to point their attention towards Google I/O.

By Brian S Hall / June 23, 2014

The debate continues over whether or not the IoT and the environment can coexist.

By Evan Wade / June 20, 2014

Printed textbooks and trapper keepers beware, EdTech is positioning itself for a takeover.