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By Joe Hewitson / September 24, 2013

From tracking blinks to monitoring blood sugar, technological innovations are keeping drivers focused.

By Joe Hewitson / August 15, 2013

Cloud-based computing is following us from our desktops to our dashboards and everywhere in between.

By Joe Hewitson / August 9, 2013

NFC is getting off to a slow start, but its potential continues to spark the imagination of developers.

By Joe Hewitson / August 8, 2013

From Samsung to Apple, tech leaders are trying to make our touchscreens touch free. Should they?

By Joe Hewitson / August 2, 2013

Google Now for iOS aims to compete with Siri, but does the impact of its release mean something more for these rival platforms?

By Joe Hewitson / August 1, 2013

Many believe the advantages of Glass will trump cost, data and privacy concerns.

By Joe Hewitson / July 29, 2013

Smartphones and tablets can reduce healthcare costs and make hospitals more efficient.

By Joe Hewitson / July 23, 2013

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, SmartThings brings home automation to the mobile masses.

By Joe Hewitson / July 18, 2013

Ford is moving away from touchscreen dash systems for a more tangible driving experience.

By Joe Hewitson / July 9, 2013

See which Android apps put the user first.

By Joe Hewitson / July 7, 2013

The Windows team hopes device integration is the key to reclaiming their former dominance.

By Joe Hewitson / July 3, 2013

As mobile wallet use grows, marketers are clamoring to get their hands on buyers valuable information.

By Joe Hewitson / July 1, 2013

When will mobile operating systems literally take the wheel in our vehicles? Sooner than you think.

By Joe Hewitson / June 20, 2013

Does this Japanese startup have what it takes to take on Google?

By Joe Hewitson / June 19, 2013

With hackers lurking around our laptops, tablets and smartphones, where will they strike next?

By Joe Hewitson / June 15, 2013

Meet the Nike+ Accelerator startups that caught our eye during Nike WHQ Demo Day.

By Joe Hewitson / June 11, 2013

Apple's 2013 developer conference reveals new operating systems, greater integration and one remarkably powerful cylinder.

By Joe Hewitson / June 6, 2013

Does Ouya have what it takes to shake up the video game console market?

By Joe Hewitson / May 30, 2013

Augmented reality means smarter cars and smarter drivers. Read on to see where it'll take us.

By Joe Hewitson / May 21, 2013

The issue of information governance is fast becoming a crucial concern thanks to growing support for BYOD.

By Joe Hewitson / May 18, 2013

What started with smartphones has now moved to laptops, TVs, car dashboards, game consoles, watches and, yes, refrigerators.

By Joe Hewitson / May 7, 2013

Sales teams are the lifeblood of every business out there aiming to turn a profit on their products. It's therefore in the best interest of these organizations to equip their teams with the right sales tools.

By Joe Hewitson / May 6, 2013

Google Hangouts has quickly grown to become one of Google's most popular products. We explore three ways it can be integrated into mobile marketing.

By Joe Hewitson / May 1, 2013

Mobile payments are seeing incredible growth in today's market thanks to Google Wallet, Paypal and Amazon Payments. With the unparalleled proliferation of mobile devices, it's easier than ever to make a sale.

By Joe Hewitson / May 1, 2013

Nike has orchestrated a bold yet calculated move by diving into the mobile technology market, and so far it's paid off. So take a cue from Nike and "just do it."

By Joe Hewitson / April 16, 2013

Enterprise adoption of Microsoft's newest operating system has been tepid at best. But that was all before the Surface came along.

By Joe Hewitson / April 16, 2013

Leap Motion could fundamentally change how users interact with mobile devices, taking them from touchscreen to touchless.

By Joe Hewitson / April 16, 2013

QR codes have become a hot — if not gimmicky — trend. Will they be unseated anytime soon?

By Joe Hewitson / April 5, 2013

A mobile device's app ecosystem has come to define its success or failure. While sideloading certainly benefits Blackberry now, will it hurt mobile developers in the long run?

By Joe Hewitson / April 4, 2013

While facts about Android's Key Lime Pie update have been hard to come by, the rumor mill has been working overtime to produce some intriguing possibilities.