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By David Delony / August 7, 2013

Banks are taking advantage of mobile tech to improve services and offer an enhanced customer experience.

By David Delony / July 29, 2013

Mobile devices help brick-and-mortar stores stay competitive with online shopping sites.

By David Delony / July 15, 2013

Personalized suggestions are gaining the attention of developers, users and marketers, and for good reason.

By David Delony / June 25, 2013

NASA has launched three satellites using off-the-shelf smartphones. What does this mean for the future of space exploration?

By David Delony / June 20, 2013

Google has released Glass' source code. The app possibilities are endless (as long as they're not pornographic).

By David Delony / June 18, 2013

From braille text messaging to screen reading, we're examining the ways smartphone manufacturers are investing in the disabilities market.

By David Delony / June 13, 2013

Can Yahoo make a new name for itself in the mobile space? A couple successful apps and some strategic acquisitions would say so.

By David Delony / May 31, 2013

Is Facebook losing its appeal for developers? See how mobile may overthrow the king of social media.

By David Delony / May 16, 2013

The hotly anticipated app Twitter Music helps users discover new music based on tweets and followers. But since its release, the app has been generating a different kind of buzz.

By David Delony / May 13, 2013

Android racked up 75% of smartphone sales at the end of last year. We take a look at how it happened.

By David Delony / May 8, 2013

Wearable technology is all over the news, as companies like Google come closer and closer to making this sci-fi fantasy a reality.