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By Mobile Minute / July 24, 2014

Apple has CarPlay, Google has Android Auto, and Microsoft has Windows in the Car, but which of these connected cars is closest to the assembly line?

By Mobile Minute / July 10, 2014

Thanks to the unified Google framework, all Android Wear smartwatches can perform commands, reminders, check texts, and more.

By Mobile Minute / June 26, 2014

There's no escaping the impact of connected tech on this year's World Cup.

By Mobile Minute / June 12, 2014

We examine what came out of this year's WWDC, kits for both home and health.

By Ask A Dev / June 10, 2014

This year at WWDC, Apple focused on developers with the biggest news since the introduction of the iPhone – Swift, a brand new language for iOS and Mac app development.

By Mobile Minute / May 29, 2014

Between Amazon's FireTV ,and AppleTV, and what Google's set to announce at Google I/O, which tech company will have the living room winner?

By Mobile Minute / May 15, 2014

Are you having second thoughts about your FuelBand? Well, so is Nike.

By Mobile Minute / May 1, 2014

The next phase of "wearable" tech will include smart contact lenses, embedded devices, and even sensors you swallow.

By Mobile Minute / April 17, 2014

IFTTT, or "If This Then That" has been around for a while, but this powerful service is only now growing in usability.

By Mobile Minute / April 3, 2014

From helping the differently-abled navigate the world to letting us move wheelchairs, wearable innovations could increase the quality of life for generations to come.

By Mobile Minute / March 14, 2014

Here's a look at everything that was big in mobile at SXSWi 2014 - from Glass, to Samsung, to our mobile addiction and beyond.

By Mobile Minute / March 6, 2014

Credit and debit cards have cut down the size of our money carriers, but even thin pieces of plastic take up space.

By Mobile Minute / February 20, 2014

Bringing your phone to class used to mean a one-way ticket to detention - but not anymore.

By Mobile Minute / February 6, 2014

Wearables are smart when it comes to functionality, but their fashion has been lacking.

By Mobile Minute / January 23, 2014

From revolutionizing brick-and-mortar shopping, to making public transit easier to use — tiny beacons pack a big punch.

Video only allowes vimeo and youtube!

By Mobile Minute / September 30, 2013

We break down the best apps released alongside iOS 7, and how you can also take advantage of its new features.

By Mobile Minute / September 16, 2013

Apple recently held its yearly iPhone event, and for the first time ever it introduced two new iPhones—the 5C and the 5S. What's the difference?

By Mobile Minute / August 20, 2013

See how everything from smart patches, to swallowable sensors will forever change how we track our health.

By Mobile Minute / August 5, 2013

Will Google finally own the living room with Chromecast, their new $35 device?

By Mobile Minute / July 30, 2013

Recommendations, loyalty points and promotions — how do mobile shoppers benefit?

By Mobile Minute / July 12, 2013

Apple's newly announced iOS 7 brings Apple Maps and Siri to your vehicle. How do they look to change car tech?

By Mobile Minute / June 28, 2013

Brands are flocking to Vine and Instagram video. So why is everyone suddenly crazy for mobile video?

By Mobile Minute / June 21, 2013

Last week was Apple's WWDC, and here's our take on their complete iOS overhaul.

By Mobile Minute / June 14, 2013

Who's #1 in mobile payments? The answer's not a bank, it's a retail chain — and the name may surprise you.

By Mobile Minute / June 10, 2013

Mary Meeker peers into the future with her annual 'Internet Trends' report. What's next for mobile?

By Mobile Minute / May 28, 2013

This week, we cover everything you need to about what Google launched at this year's I/O.

By Mobile Minute / May 17, 2013

This week, we had a chance to try out Google Glass. It made us wonder, “Will Glass go mainstream or is it just a toy for the tech elite?”

By Mobile Minute / April 25, 2013

So long Timex. Hello Apple, Samsung and Google. See how tech's keeping time in this week's video on smart watches.

By Mobile Minute / April 17, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, the mobile world’s been buzzing about Facebook Home. We'll give you our take in around a minute.

By Mobile Minute / April 10, 2013

This week: mobile’s increasing role as a couch potato, its star turn in theaters and a couple of the ways Google Glass adds perspective.

By Mobile Minute / March 22, 2013

This week: Walmart lets people shop in store with iPhones; people apparently prefer native apps; and Android’s gaining in the enterprise.

By Mobile Minute / March 22, 2013

Mobile has finally moved out of its adolescence. It’s becoming more sophisticated — and so should your marketing approach.