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By Mark Killian / December 23, 2014

Dearest Readers, For those of you who’ve kept us in your RSS feed during these months of radio silence, it is with a heavy hard drive we are officially announcing the termination of We know. We know. You’re probably tearfully asking yourself, “Where am I ...

By Evan Wade / October 9, 2014

Although the public seems to be split on the value of a smartwatch, these subsets of people should definitely give one a shot.

By Brian S Hall / October 7, 2014

Does the Apple Watch or Android Wear have what it takes to win a spot on your wrist?

By Brian S Hall / September 30, 2014

Even with all the pollution, the illnesses, and the global conflicts, there is a chance that tech can save the Earth.

By Evan Wade / September 25, 2014

With headsets like the Oculus Rift, simulators like The Virtualizer, and cartridge resurrectors like the Retron 5, the future of gaming is exciting.

By Jeremy Hintz / September 23, 2014

With the right mix of mentorship, connections, and capital, startup accelerators help keep entrepreneurs from quickly dissolving.

By Brian S Hall / September 18, 2014

Although immortality still seems a little out of reach, breakthroughs in cancer tech could add some years back to our lives.

By Evan Wade / September 16, 2014

Of the 26 companies in this year's TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield, these five won our attention.

By Jeremy Hintz / September 11, 2014

Apple receives a standing ovation after announcing the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Apple Watch

By Brian S Hall / September 9, 2014

Probably not, but that won't stop Samsung from taking the "if you can't beat them, copy them," approach with the Galaxy Alpha.

By Evan Wade / September 4, 2014

Whether you're shutting off lights, locking doors, or preparing for a trip to the grocery store, home automation hubs promise to make life easier.

By Jeremy Hintz / September 2, 2014

Silicon Valley may have its own TV show, but it's far from the only tech hotbed in the US.

By Evan Wade / August 28, 2014

Millions of people will gain access to modern technology thanks to Android One and other third-world tech.

By Jeremy Hintz / August 26, 2014

With storms and temperatures becoming more extreme, we've never had a greater need for advancements in weather technology.

By Brian S Hall / August 21, 2014

Move over, LaserJets, there's a new piece of hardware popping up on our desks. The 3D printing revolution is officially starting.

By Evan Wade / August 19, 2014

With smartphones, wearables, and every other object connected to the Internet of Things, the potential for sensors has never been greater.

By Brian S Hall / August 14, 2014

Two-wheel vehicles aren't as dangerous when you have wearables for motorcyclists protecting you from head to toe.

By Evan Wade / August 12, 2014

As fitness bands and smartwatches gain popularity with adults, wearables for kids are on the rise.

By Brian S Hall / August 5, 2014

It's time to stop talking about fitness bands and smartwatches and start listening to what's happening with hearables.

By Evan Wade / July 31, 2014

We may not have flying cars or teleportation just yet, but digital assistants were sent from the future to make our lives more awesome.