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Brian S Hall / December 13, 2013

The future of the automobile is heavy on technology, well-connected and the perfect blend of man and machine.

Evan Wade / November 6, 2013

Mobile sales enablement tools are helping car and motorcycle dealerships close more deals.

Evan Wade / October 18, 2013

A new development standard could bring us a lot closer to a Knight Rider-style relationships with our vehicles.

Evan Wade / October 2, 2013

Say goodbye to those bulky binders, Audi's iOS app helps owners operate and maintain their vehicles like never before.

Joe Hewitson / September 24, 2013

From tracking blinks to monitoring blood sugar, technological innovations are keeping drivers focused.

Evan Wade / August 15, 2013

Mobile devices and websites are the new car salesmen and dealerships.

CJ Castillo / July 24, 2013

Meet the heads-up display that will save you money, increase your safety and cooperate with your smartphone.

Joe Hewitson / July 18, 2013

Ford is moving away from touchscreen dash systems for a more tangible driving experience.

Mobile Minute / July 12, 2013

Apple's newly announced iOS 7 brings Apple Maps and Siri to your vehicle. How do they look to change car tech?

Daniel Cawrey / July 10, 2013

As mobile devices become a larger part of our driving experience, will they come standard?