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Rockpack makes videos, mobile news easier to view

By Evan Wade / July 17, 2013

Another week, another hot video application in the iOS App Store. Rockpack, a free curation app that works like an RSS feed for online videos, wants to be your main source for everything from music to news reports. And with its super-slick user interface (UI), Rockpack could sneak past popular apps like Pulse and Flipboard.

Killer looks, smart navigation

After signing up for an account, users are taken to a page full of eye-catching, easy-to-access squares, each representing a different content channel. This is the core of the Rockpack experience. Behind each square lies a customized page full of videos, which you can add to your own channel by clicking a small plus sign in the corner.

Killer looks, smart navigation

There’s also the option to subscribe to entire channels, rather than picking and choosing individual videos. Subscribing to the channel automatically places all the creator’s recent videos in a customized feed, making it easy to find and access all the content that suits your fancy.

burn it up

In fact, ease of use permeates everything you do when using Rockpack. It’s another sign of the UI revolution underway in the world of mobile apps, and it’s their key differentiator. Zipping from your custom feed to your channel (where others view content you’ve shared) is as simple as a finger flick; adding videos to either requires just a single touch. In a world of bloated first-party apps, Rockpack is among the smartest and simplest we’ve ever seen.

rockpack mobile app

Potential impact

Rockpack’s UI could bring major change to the mobile video world. The format has never been hotter, and with clunky mobile interfaces dragging down web leaders like YouTube, apps that can curate video content, and work well while doing it, could find themselves at the top of the App Store.

Rockpack meets the “work well” criteria by focusing all their efforts on one task: curation. By leaving content creation to other mobile power players like Vine, Instagram and TouchCast, Rockpack is free to devote all of their developmental efforts to streamlining the organization process. A smart app that handles all the third-party video sources online seems like something that should have been done with the first iPhone. Now it’s here.

The future

Despite a fairly recent launch, many popular Rockpack channels already have thousands of subscribers. That number is sure to go up as more users discover the benefits of this centralized, curated source for video content and mobile news. If you found it necessary to start a Pinterest account for you or your business, it’s probably in your best interest to pick up a mobile device and start your first Rockpack channel, before everyone beats you to it.