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[Video] Mobile Minute: Mary Meeker’s mobile trends

By Mobile Minute / June 10, 2013

When Mary Meeker peers into the future, we listen. This week, the famed analyst released her annual report on Internet trends, and there were some standout mobile findings.

For example, did you know we’re reaching to our smartphones an average of 150 times per day? (Hey smart watches, that’s your cue.)

What else marketers need to know…

The next decade is posed to see the rise of wearables, drivables, flyables and scannables.

Brands like Ford and Saab are already pushing drivables — or truly “smart” cars. And just this week, Dominos introduced the “DomiCopter,” a drone that flies pizza right to your door. No more cold pizza sitting in traffic.

China is also leading when it comes to mobile, for smartly making use of tech like on-demand delivery services, bid-to-win apps and QR codes.

Marketers should note overseas innovation to make sure they’re taking advantage of technology trends.